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High quality professional whitening kit which give results from the comfort of your own home.

Crystal Whites Professional Teeth Whitening Kit is ideal for anyone who is looking for that long lasting bright white smile.

Our gel formula is safest and effective on the market, absolutely no hydrogen peroxide. Our kits contain FDA & EU approved Teeth Whitening Gel. They incorporate a non-perishable lifetime locking screw cap, and a non-perishable all-in-one plunger. Dispensing measurements are on the side. All our kits are fresh, factory packed sealed.

Full Kit Description:

6 High Quality Whitening Gels (40 + applications)

6 x Syringe tips to save up to 50% gel.

6 x Syringe caps to get gel fresh.

4 x Latest design 'Boil & Bite' Thermoform single arch trays.

1 x New smooth curved High Power Blue Led 'Lazer' Light. New shape avoids bacteria contamination 2 x Lithium Batteries for Lazer Light. The batteries are supplied installed into the light with a small plastic insulator to protect the batteries during transit (just remove before use)

1 x Printed colour shade chart to track your progress.

We provide full assistance and after sales support.

'Crystal Whites, Creating Smile Across The World'



Propylene Glycol (32%), Glycerin (27.1%), Aqua (25.5%), Cellulose Gum (5.5%), Carbomer (3%),Sodium Bicarbonate (2%), EDTA (1.5%), Menthol (1.4%), PVP (1%), Sodium Chlorite (1%)



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